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Mark Rowlands: Technology Director at Hollingsworth & Vose

"In the seven years we worked together, Andrew always brought great energy, enthusiasm and leadership and struck a good balance between professionalism and having fun. He brings two key strengths to get stuff done: 
• As a technical marketer, he provided vision and solid, data-driven analysis of the business and markets which created the foundation for several long-term Technology development programs. 
• As a 6 Sigma Black Belt, he is able to analyse complex business issues and distill them down to the few key critical actions necessary to improve the situation. In cross-functional groups he excels at facilitating & leading discussions to help teams develop clear plans to reach their end goals.

I have greatly enjoyed working with Andrew and would highly endorse him for future positions."

Julian Goetz: Lead Technical Product Manager at Esusu

"Andrew is a transformational leader and coach. Under his mentorship, I rebounded from receiving one of my worst reviews to becoming my CEO's standout employee. In just 8 weeks, Andrew instilled critical product management and leadership skills on prioritization, communication, delegation, strategy, and making data-driven decisions. He always has a way of framing what seems intractable to me as simple and solvable, a powerful expression of the many rodeos he’s been to."

Steve Strobel: Quality Engineer at Medallion Instrumentation Systems

"Andrew was exciting to work with. He is highly competent in engineering, technical product knowledge and marketing skill. Andrew also has an energetic and adventurous approach to business that encouraged our team to take on bigger challenges."

John G. Fontaine

Field Sales Engineer at IFM Efector

"Andrew is a sharp & innovative asset to any team. His work in Marketing and Product Management will have a lasting positive effect on our team and its members. He is the go-to guy for numerous specialties, which continue to grow. Few see strategy and direction as clearly as Andrew."

Arnie Phillips: Project Engineer at Flowonix Medical

"Andrew is an extremely hard working and results oriented person. Andrew has both the passion and focus required to see complex products to market. He is customer focused and will go the extra mile to insure the customer is satisfied without compromise. He is easy to get along with and treats others with respect. Andrew also easily earns the respect and trust of others. Customers as well as co-workers value his work ethic and extensive knowledge of the products he represents."

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